Nutrition and Mental Health in [cityname]: A Word About Alcohol It’s up to you to know how alcohol affects you. If you can have a drink or two and really enjoy it, do that. If you can’t drink one without drinking ten, then don’t start.

More on nutrition and mental health in [cityname] – we chat about how research studies have shown improved brain function and memory associated with low carb, high fat diets. We have certainly found that to be the case.

At the heart of the Imagining in Action work is the “WeFactor” and true collaboration. [cityname], this conversation dives deep into this subject of collaboration.

True collaboration requires a level of interdependence within a group, and that can feel difficult for those who place a high value on independence and individualism in [cityname].

[cityname] The B.E.S.T. Energy Foot Bath is the highest performing ionic foot spa available that uses both positive and negative energy patterns in the foot bath to increase your natural detoxification process.

Your lymph system is the way the body dumps all the trash like toxins, heavy metals, bacteria and infections (just to name a few)! Your lymph, [cityname], doesn’t have a pump to move the fluid along like your cardiovascular system meaning you have to move it by exercise and staying hydrated!

[cityname]: Get Regulation Point Thermography for Breast Health – Get true answers and understand what your body is trying to tell you.​

[cityname]: Healing Breast Cancer Naturally in Spite of my Oncologist Arnita describes the process of how she was diagnosed with breast cancer in [cityname] and the options she was initially presented with before finding the Thermography Center of Dallas.

[cityname]: Reduce Pain from Muscle Strain or Injury Faster with Curewave Laser. This treatment provides maximum relief for acute, chronic and neuropathic pain, as well as regeneration of soft tissue injuries.

More on nutrition and mental health in [cityname] – we chat about avoiding foods that cause anxiety, and replacing them with foods that help manage anxiety.