Holistic Health · February 23, 2022

Discover Frequency Therapy for Anxiety and Depression in [cityname]

What is Frequency Medicine?

Everything in the universe vibrates at its own frequency, including the body. When the body has been vibrating at a certain frequency of illness, it is important to interrupt this frequency and replace it with another frequency of ideal health and balance.

In our human bodies, we house over 70 trillion cells that are like wet cell batteries that operate at a voltage of around 70 millivolts. The cell membrane converts the earth’s magnetic pulse into electrical potential energy which charges your cells. This energy drives cell metabolism by stimulating the mitochondria to increase oxygenation, ATP production and overall absorption of nutrition and essential elements into the cells while transporting waste out the cell. If all of these actions do not occur, the cell millivoltage weakens and illness sets in.

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When we look at the sun, it emits 7 different wave length spectrums which produce heat and light. Our gravitational forces of the moon control the waves in the ocean. The most inert object holds a resonant frequency even though it appears that nothing is happening. As medical science has progressed, we now use energy and frequency for diagnostic testing and treatment such as Magnetic Resonant Imaging (MRIs), CAT scan, PET Scans, and Ultrasounds using variations in electrical frequencies and resonant imaging. So, you see, frequency medicine has in fact been around in many forms that are widely accepted in the medical community.

When normal resonance or frequency of a cell is out of balance, it creates an environment where disease can occur. Through repeatedly exposing the damaged cells to their correct resonance frequency, healing rapidly occurs. This is frequency medicine! Frequency medicine is a non-invasive, drug-free, pain-free, and surgery-free therapy that is beginning to revolutionize healing.

Frequency therapy in USA is especially helpful for stress management since most illness stems from stress and living out of harmony. It can help those who are suffering from headaches, stiff neck, back pain, jaw clenching, dizziness, blushing or sweating, cold and clammy hands, frequent colds or infections, rashes, itching, stomach pain, difficulty concentrating, shortness of breath, learning difficulties and more.

Quantum Biofeedback blends traditional biofeedback with readily accepted Energy Medicine principles, often utilizing vocal imprints, image imprints, and pulse point readings to identify the frequencies (positive or negative) residing in that person’s energetic field.

Research shows that some frequencies have the ability to destroy pathogens in the cells. Some frequencies detox and de-stress the cells, and some increase the millivolts of the cell to cause the production of more healthy cells. Some frequencies are neutralizing as well.

Dr. Paul Noger was a research scientist and physician who discovered that when the normal resonance or frequency of a cell is out of balance, that is when disease occurs. Through repeatedly exposing the damaged cells to their correct resonance frequency, healing was able to take place.
Some other scientists that use frequency technology include Nikola Tesla and Dr. George Lakhovsky who wrote a book called The secret of Live, Electricity, Radiation and your body. Dr Lakhovsky’s research showed that when a cell is irradiated with a correct polarized electromagnetic field, the cells will pick up the frequency and assimilate the energy out of the field. This is the basis for harmonizing cells, organs, and tissues.

The basic concept behind Frequency Medicine is that every material thing has a calibration frequency which can be measured in Hertz (Hz). These electromagnetic frequencies have been researched for over a hundred years. Water, sunlight, music, computers, MRI, and even strands of your hair each have a frequency.

Likewise, every organ of your body has its own resonant frequency or vibration. When a musical instrument is out of tune, it won’t vibrate in harmony with the rest of the band’s ensemble. The body works in the same way as an instrument. Proper harmonic frequency to each organ makes that organ function at optimum performance when the entire body is working in symphony.

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