Exercise and Mental Health in [cityname]: Distract Yourself One way to cope with having a bad day, dealing with anxiety, stress overload or feeling stuck is to provide yourself with a healthy distraction. Exercise is definitely one healthy distraction we keep as a tool in our toolbox–it’s great for your body and tends to help you get ‘out of your head’ for a bit.

Exercise and Mental Health in [cityname]: Reducing Stress Naturally
We all can benefit from reducing or managing stress. Exercise can be a key tool in our mental health toolbox. Here are some ways we can reduce our stress naturally through exercise.

Nutrition and Mental Health in [cityname]: A Word About Alcohol It’s up to you to know how alcohol affects you. If you can have a drink or two and really enjoy it, do that. If you can’t drink one without drinking ten, then don’t start.

More on nutrition and mental health in [cityname] – we chat about how research studies have shown improved brain function and memory associated with low carb, high fat diets. We have certainly found that to be the case.

More on nutrition and mental health in [cityname] – we chat about avoiding foods that cause anxiety, and replacing them with foods that help manage anxiety.

One of the best tools that we’ve found to help with managing Post Traumatic Stress and improving mental health is our nutrition in [cityname]. So let’s talk about the foods that cause or increase inflammation, and what foods can help keep inflammation at bay.

I wrote this piece ‘Do You See Him?’ after touring with a documentary on human trafficking that featured my story called Stopping Traffic. It discusses the impact of sexual abuse on men in [cityname].

Everyone has bad days–sometimes even a string of them put together. When you are dealing with PTSD and learning to manage yourself in [cityname], there are some things that can really help on those shitty days.

How PTSD Affects Daily Life in [cityname]. When a man’s wife becomes his ‘caregiver,’ the natural order of marriage is destroyed. If a woman acts like your mother, it is impossible to be intimate with her.